A photo of Alison and Tracy Ledbetter

Alison and Tracy Ledbetter

Nashville, Tennessee, USA


— Alison —

I remember being confirmed in the Methodist church. My teacher told me that Christ is not inside of my heart and that I have to invite Christ in. I was flabbergasted. I thought, ‘What? Are you kidding me? I feel like we had a tight relationship. What is this? Why is this not happening?’ I immediately needed to leave the room because I felt it was a very deep private process. I went to the drinking fountain and I literally had what most people would call a hallucination. But I stood there with Christ and I said, ‘Apparently you’re not inside my heart. I was mistaken. You need to get inside right now. Like jump in here, get in here right now.’ He did, and it was amazing. I felt this really deep wonderful connection. I took a drink of water and went back to class. That was the first time I engaged with the other side.

Interesting moments happen when my gift shows up unexpectedly. It is the awareness that people who have died and gotten stuck in their own fear and didn’t cross over; who don’t trust the love that showed up, didn’t trust God and the experience when they died. They chose the fear. When you choose fear when you die, instead of love, you get stuck in a little bit of a circular pattern of your fear and you become a ghost. I engage in a conversation with their souls. My soul to their soul. Connecting to them and saying, ‘You are loved. You’re loved, and it’s time to cross over, it’s time to go home.’ It’s why I’m here. It’s to help connect people back to the journey of connecting to their soul and into the Divine. And then I realized that dead people don’t afford me an income because they’re dead. So I started working with living people too [laughter] and that took a while to figure out how to show up for living people. Showing up for living people means helping them on their current journey. Their soul awareness. So I help people see the spiritual understanding behind their physical repeating of emotional patterns. What can you learn, how can you grow, and what’s my next step in love? I think that’s the main reason for my life. It’s such an honor. My soul does it automatically. I just witness it with my senses.

I overcame a challenge five years ago when we lost all of our money. We invested with someone who stole our money and made some very bad choices. And it wasn’t their fault. It was an awakening, a lesson providing me with the opportunity that money is not my foundation— because I had plenty of money and it had been my foundation. So the money in my life disappeared and I had to really move to that place from money being my foundation to love being my foundation. And I can say that love is my foundation with such integrity, with such conviction and such...love is my foundation. And that feeling in my physical body, feeling that connection, it’s amazing. That’s where I hope to take people. Feel that love inside of you. Get through all the things that stop it, because on the other side is love. Inside of you. Going from ‘What do you want to eat? Anything in the world!’ to ‘How am I going to feed the kids this week?’ And then to: ‘I’m going to trust that the Divine comes first. I’m going to really bank on that.’ And it gave me the opportunity to manifest physically what I had been witnessing and experiencing: the Divine comes first. And then the physical world is secondary. It’s the manifestation of your beliefs. So, I trust love will provide for me. I trust that I am supported. ‘I trust that I am supported by God’s love,’ is the affirmation that really had to pull me through it.

— Tracy —

I really don’t have a concept of what we call God. I don’t believe necessarily in the terminology of God. I think that degrades what I think is God. Most of us paint a picture of God but we try to give it human form. I don’t think it has any type of human form. Probably ‘intelligences’ is the better word for it in my mind. I would say it’s an omni- intelligence and ultimate intelligence, be it good or not good. The concept of good and evil doesn’t play into it. I just think it’s a supreme ultimate omni-intelligence. I really don’t have a memory of not being aware of it. I’m sure there was but I never doubted. I don’t seek it out. It’s just always been and I think it always will be for me.

I was 4 years old, so it’s hard to remember the actual contents of a conversation I had with my mother [but it] was basically talk about reincarnation and soul retrieval or rebirthing of this intelligence. I was always a talker and I tried to explain these things. I still don’t understand it all, obviously; I don’t think anyone does. But I don’t know if that prompted her to put me on a good Christian path. She was also searching for something. We started going to church at that time for whatever reason or near that time which ended up being a good thing.

The greatest difficulty I feel like I’ve overcome in my life is being an arrogant ass. Realizing it, correcting it. I may still be one, but part of being arrogant is thinking you’ve overcome it. I really feel like I’m much further along than I was 10 years ago. Compared to what I used to be— high strung and short fused. It happened when I stepped away from that thing that always is. That constant which is God or the higher power. And I denied it, I didn’t need it. I may be coming back to the acceptance of it again. I left it—it never left me.

Daniel’s Reflection

Where does one begin to tell the story of a friend who changed your life? I lived next door to Alison (Boynton) Ledbetter for seven years and we became very close friends. It was in the very early days of Alison accepting her role as a healer in the world and I feel I have been on that journey with her. When she met and married Tracy Ledbetter, I came to see how they did healing work together, even though his daily profession is as a handyman. I made the portrait of them when they were pregnant with their first child, Sarah. The love and focus on creating new life is so evident to me in this portrait, and it remains one of my favorites.

Alison is a profound healer. She practices under the banner of a reiki and meditation teacher but what she really does is connect deeply with each client’s soul and directs them in the way of love. She readily works with past lives that need to be healed and helps people cross over when they die. Much of what I believe about life and death and God today comes from my work and friendship with Alison.

She taught me to believe in a Higher Power that is pure love and to live a life in which pure love is the only directing force. Alison has helped me connect with the soul energy of those who have passed, such as my dear father who suffered so much personal emotional turmoil in his life. It is comforting and a blessing to know he is learning important lessons on the other side as his soul’s evolution continues.

When I went back to this interview of both Alison and Tracy, I was struck by how Tracy’s concept of God is omni-intelligence and Alison’s is pure love. Those really are a perfect yin-and-yang to each other. Higher Power, as I understand it today, is the sum total of all wisdom and the sum total of all love in the universe. Interesting how the universe brings together souls to create new life and new understandings of our existence.

Thank you to Alison and Tracy Ledbetter for the gift of their healing work in the world and for the gift of the love they have shared with me.    

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