Diana Gutiérrez

Panama City, Panama
"RELIANCE ON GOD   “I just broke up with my ..."

Anna Halprin

Kentfield, CA, USA
"DANCING WITH GOD   “I had cancer. This gave..."

Mamoru Oshii

Tokyo, Japan
"DOGS AND GOD   “Human beings need something we ..."

Yoon Yong Sang

Seoul, Korea
" “There is no sign of illness where there had be..."

Tim Costello

Melbourne, Australia
"STANDING UP FOR SEX WORKERS   “I was the ma..."

Dan Lim Beng Hui

Singapore, Singapore
"A DEAL WITH GOD   “OK God, I’ll make a de..."

Maha Khawaja

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
"YOU MAKE YOUR OWN CHOICE “When we moved to Dubai..."