A photo of Chief Golden Light Eagle (Loren Zephier) and Many Lightnings (Shannon Campbell)

Chief Golden Light Eagle (Loren Zephier) and Many Lightnings (Shannon Campbell)

Wagner, South Dakota, USA


— Many Lightnings —

Growing up on the reservation there was always a lot of, well it was everywhere—the drugs and the alcohol, the experimenting. I fell into that in my 20s, and now that I’m in my 40s, I’m seeing that it happens a lot to people in their 20s. It’s like a blur, you know. Things started collapsing and falling apart and I felt like I let not only myself down but everyone around me. And it wasn’t a doubt with the Creator or creation. It was a doubt with me. I doubted myself because I let myself go through that and everything that was happening. I let it happen. But now I see that it all happens for a reason. It gets you to where you are now.

— Chief Golden Light Eagle —

During my first fast on the hill, there was a voice that came. It talked to me in the ear—it was singing a song. There was nothing there but a voice, an invisible voice singing to me. I looked over but there was nobody standing there, so I sang along with them. I sang a song with them. And from that song there was an invisible something coming from the ground and it moved up my body. Then it went to the top of my head; something opened up, and everything went out. I felt light, very light. Like something was released. All the junk, all the negative thought patterns and all the things that didn’t serve my spirit were released. I felt light, and I cried.

Daniel’s Reflection

Loren Zephier is a Native American tribal chief whose spirit name is Chief Golden Light Eagle. Shannon Campbell, a Sun Dance Woman of the Santee, is known as Many Lightnings. Together they are on a journey to spread the wisdom that comes from their Native traditions, and, from experiences Loren has had with visitations from the Orion people, of a galaxy outside of our own.

I met the Chief and Many Lightnings through my friend, Linda Ivarie, who is active with them in promoting the need for our human race here on Earth to be open to the grand potential of other life forms in the universe, and, open to greater wisdom available to us on how to lead our lives. It was beautiful to be with them as they reflected on their life experiences and shared with me a dimension of spirituality that few get to experience.

Meeting Chief Golden Light Eagle and Many Lightnings reminded me of the greatness of the Divine Spirit; that if there is a God, surely it extends to the ends of the universe, beyond my comprehension, and in many life forms beyond our current knowledge. Given how we humans are treating each other and the world, I have no issue believing that there are other entities trying to share their wisdom with us for a better, more peaceful, and more loving coexistence.  

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