“God, I make a deal with you.”

“Ok God I’ll make a deal with you: if within two weeks, within two weeks you can show me that you are God, then I will believe in you.”

I met Dan Lim in Singapore where he owns and runs an equipment & supply business serving filmmakers and photographers.  It was almost 9 years ago, very early in my Portraits In Faith journey.  And as I sat there listening to Dan’s story of his own transformation, I was transformed.  Dan shared that his story began when he was annoyed with his sister, who kept bothering him with her ongoing suggestion that he consider becoming a Christian.  In both a serious and playful manner, he challenged God: if he experienced a miracle in the next two weeks, he would convert.  It was before those two weeks’ end that Dan indeed experienced a miracle.  Without ever hearing these words or knowing what he was doing, he commanded a dark spirit to leave the body of a friend by saying “In the name of Jesus, I ask you to leave!”  So a spontaneous exorcism in which he was the healer was the doorway through which Dan’s faith changed, in an instant.  This psychic change that occurred for Dan is one that I recognize in myself, albeit from far different circumstances.  I’ve heard it referred to as “a change in consciousness” or an acquisition of “God-consciousness.”  What is clear to me is that Dan Lim changed when he was the instrument of the divine, in helping a fellow.  We subtitled Dan’s video because, at the time, I was not using external microphones.  I hope you can share in the joy of a new path I got to experience with Dan as he tells his story.