A photo of Dan Lim Beng Hui

Dan Lim Beng Hui

Republic of Singapore


OK God, I’ll make a deal with you. If within two weeks you can show me that you are God, then I will believe in you.

Daniel’s Reflection

I met Dan Lim in Singapore where he owns and runs an equipment and supply business serving filmmakers and photographers. It was 2005, very early in my Portraits in Faith journey. And as I sat there listening to Dan’s story of his own transformation, I was transformed.

Dan shared that his story began when he was annoyed with his sister who kept bothering him with her ongoing suggestion that he consider becoming a Christian. In both a serious and playful manner, he challenged God—if he experienced a miracle in the next two weeks, he would convert.

It was before those two weeks’ end that Dan indeed experienced a miracle. Without ever hearing these words or knowing what he was doing, he commanded a dark spirit to leave the body of a friend by saying, “In the name of Jesus, I ask you to leave!” So a spontaneous exorcism in which he was the healer was the doorway through which Dan’s faith changed in an instant.

This psychic change that occurred for Dan is one that I recognize in myself, albeit from far different circumstances. I’ve heard it referred to as “a change in consciousness” or an acquisition of “God-consciousness.” What is clear to me is that Dan Lim changed when he was the instrument of the Divine, in helping a fellow human being.

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