A photo of Erin McCaw

Erin McCaw

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


I was shown that I would survive, and that death wasn’t something to even think about lightly; to not court the darkness and the despair...and that there’s light. There’s always light.

Daniel’s Reflection

Erin McCaw has been fighting cystic fibrosis (CF) her whole life. Adults with CF are not expected to live beyond their 30s. Erin at 50 is defying the odds both medically and spiritually. I have been deeply moved by how Erin approaches life—she is a yogi, she meditates, and she practices non-attachment. The spiritual lesson Erin’s interview taught me is “to not court the darkness.” I used to court the darkness and, unfortunately, I used to spread it around for others. I realize today that darkness is the real disease, not CF or any other physical or emotional malady. I must always seek the light and offer the light to those around me. I am so very grateful to have Erin McCaw in my life and I am grateful for her friendship and guidance on Portraits in Faith. Erin is one of the most deeply feeling and generous souls I know.

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