Euphrates Group Presentation

The Euphrates Group invited Daniel Epstein to present Portraits in Faith on October 4, 2023. Euphrates is a remarkable organization devoted to helping “grassroots global citizens become peacebuilders who partner, advocate, and deeply connect with and for each other.” They hold a series of “inspired conversations with global peacemakers” and Portraits in Faith was the featured content in one of these sessions.

Here are two comments received from Euphrates Leadership.

“Hello Daniel, I could not end my day without sharing my deep gratitude for all you brought to our call today. Your pace, insights, creativity, and compassionate heart were on beautiful display and so well-received by our community. Thank you for being willing to listen and share your learnings. They have a tremendous impact. To me your life is an incredible example of how we can each be peacebuilders on our unique paths. And this is one of the foundational messages of Euphrates. I look forward to seeing how we can partner together. I have a few ideas already percolating – connections to our peace leaders, collaborative workshops, and more. At the very least I’ve already told my husband we need to get to Louisville in 2024! sylvia and I will find a time to connect with you in the coming months if you’re interested and available.
With bushels of gratitude laid at your feet, Hollister, on behalf of the entire team.”
– Hollister Thomas, Head of Community Engagement I Euphrates Institute

“With grace, empathy, and humor, Daniel led our community to and through the intersection of art, peacebuilding, and interfaith work. He highlighted the power of truly recognizing the humanity and dignity of every person, and how our inner being and relationships can open and transform when we practice seeing and honoring the other everyday.”
– Director of Strategy & Programs, Euphrates

Thank you again to Hollister Thomas and Sylvia Murray for inviting us to present.