A photo of Jun Il Gu

Jun Il Gu

Seoul, South Korea


We have this universal concept of conscience to not betray others and not to lie. And who rules over this conscience, who controls this conscience inside us? If you seek to find an answer to this question, you will find God.

Daniel’s Reflection

When I met Jun Il Gu in Seoul, South Korea he was a fourth-year theology student. We met in his Presbyterian church and he shared with me his spiritual journey. During middle school, his experience of religion changed from something that he followed—because he was told to do so— to something that he followed because of a deep belief that God exists and that sins are forgiven.

It is wonderful to meet people like Jun Il Gu who have been called to spiritual work. It is a sacred task, one that is difficult or impossible to turn away from. I now recognize the unique look and sound of someone for whom there is no other option than doing the work they have been called to do.

My prayer is that people around the world who are called to spiritual work become comfortable knowing that there are many paths to God, and that no one has a monopoly on how to get there. We are all on this journey together!  

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