Celebrating the One Year Anniversary of Portraits in Faith

17 July 2014

 It's time to celebrate the one year anniversary of the launch of Portraits In Faith!

  • 47 portraits have been published.

  • 21,444 views on YouTube for an average viewing time of 6.6 minutes (roughly 102 days of viewing!)

  • 22,263 hits on the PIF Website

  • 7129 fans, followers, and subscribers

Portraits In Faith is about acknowledging and healing the separateness we humans falsely create for ourselves. It is about acknowledging the greater spiritual journey we are all on together. As a special treat to celebrate this one year anniversary, please enjoy this video clip of Lady Khadija of Flint, Michigan who wrote and performed a commissioned spoken-word piece in honor of Portraits In Faith launch, aptly titled: FAITH PORTRAIT. Please share this project with family and friends, encouraging them to sign up for our "Portrait Of The Week" at portraitsinfaith.org/subscribe Blessings to you all, Daniel

“Faith Portrait”
Written and performed by Lady Khadija

One God, One Relgion
That religion is Love
If we don't Love one another, we're not religious enough.
~Ali El-Sayed

Picture this:
Clouds burst and sun showers rain drops from the smoke and smother,

Falling like the angles, humanity, and mankind created by the Divine Father/Mother,
Merging into a Mercy Ocean, One Body, a Unity Sea.
No more us or you and me.

Annihilated into Ahad - Only One, The Divine Absolute Oneness
Because, unified this greater spiritual journey is.
It's All One,

Because we are all one,

Unique, individual and divine manifestation

of the All One,

Created so It can be Known,
Made us unique and individual so we may be known and know each other.

One Portrait speaking more than one thousand words,
Spoken into existence with One Word:

“BE”, and it is.
So we worship, praise, and glorify Hu, the Non-Manifest but Ever-Present, Absolute Unknown,

That made us so It can be Known. It is Ever-Present,
Every breath is a gift, that You can be known, so be present.

By learning to listen and distinguish Divine inspiration
From whispers of the four spiritual enemies.
But that's just the frame.
There are details in this painting, all equal, just not the same.

This is an action shot,
Precisely positioned and every stroke perfectly placed,
Developing the negatives into positives and transforming fear into faith.
Healing and changing and transforming the world,
Listening, loving, living, and learning.
Answering the calling by the Maker, the Creator and Fashioner of the worlds

By bringing people together in our greater, common spiritual journey.