Portraits in Faith at the Virtual Parliament of the World’s Religions

18 October 2021

Portraits in Faith editor, Laura Friedman, and founder, Daniel Epstein, presented a workshop at the 2021 Parliament of the World’s Religions on “How To Conduct A Sacred Listening Workshop.”  This is the 3rd Parliament where PIF has been selected to present a workshop (the first was 2009 in Melbourne, Australian; the second was 2018 in Toronto).  This year’s workshop represents the first time PIF has unveiled the new future direction teaching and creating “Sacred Listening” experiences.  We define Sacred Listening as “receiving the story of someone you perceive to be the Other.”  PIF will be piloting in the coming year various approaches to teaching Sacred Listening within communities.  We are inviting others around the world to join us in exploring Who do you perceive to be the Other? When have you felt like the Other? What have you learned from the spiritual journey of someone you perceive to be the Other?  How good do you think you are at listening?  Please write to us at info@portraitsinfaith.org to get more information.