Portraits in Faith Fundraiser: Bat Ella Concert

2 May 2023

April 29, 2023, Portraits in Faith held a special fundraiser with Israeli performing artist, Bat Ella Birnbaum and Nitzan Birnbaum

Portraits in Faith held an amazing fundraiser to enable the ongoing production of interviews as well as the new Seeing The Other exhibition and educational program.  Forty-five people attended the sold-out event.  The highlight of the evening was a house concert by Israeli performing artists, Bat Ella Birnbaum and Nitzan Birnbaum. Bat Ella’s father-in-law, Rabbi Ervin Birnbaum of blessed memory, is part of the Portraits in Faith documentary project, where he shared his story of being on The Exodus seeking to immigrate to Palestine.  She and her husband, Dani Birnbaum, are long time supporters of Portraits in Faith.  There was a special donors dinner prior to the concert featuring the Middle Eastern cooking of Rania Takouri.  Thank you to all who made this evening possible! Listen to Bat Ella's music on itunes To view some of their music videos you can see Bat Ella's Youtube here. For host exhibit inquiries or other inquiries, please contact Daniel Epstein. To receive the Portraits in Faith Book featuring Daniel’s exhibited artwork, please visit the shop HERE.