Portraits in Faith presented to New Thought Unity Church

29 July 2022

Daniel Epstein presented the Portraits in Faith project and conducted our first “Sacred Listening” workshop on June 26, 2022 at the New Thought Unity Church in East Walnut Hills Cincinnati, Ohio.  During the Sunday morning church service, Daniel shared the PIF Photographic Meditation and video clips from around the world.  Then after the church service, the Sacred Listening workshop was the first opportunity to facilitate “receiving the story from someone you perceive to be ‘the other.’”  Participants shared their responses to four of the PIF documentary questions:

  • What is your concept of a Higher Power?

  • What is your earliest memory of faith?

  • What was the first time in your life you had to rely upon God?

  • And Tell me about a time you doubted your faith.

Participants then discussed the idea of ‘the other’ and moments in their life where they felt like the other.  We are very fortunate and thrilled to have this  new workshop as a way of sharing the message of PIF.  Next workshop will take place July 31, 2022 in Charleston, SC!