“In April of 2008, I had a miscarriage.”

“In April of 2008, I had a miscarriage. And I called on the divine, and I felt held by family, held by my friends. I was closer to my husband than I’d ever been in my life. I feel like there’s those moments that either break you apart or bind you together. And I feel like it really bound us together.

Later that summer, it was in July and I was feeling angry and angst-filled, bitter and skeptical and uneasy and – Kenn was gone for a week and I was calling him every day saying You have to come home I can’t be alone, you have to come home.’ And I called one of my best friends, Donna, and I told her you know Kenn’s abandoned me I need him here you know, this isn’t ok! And she’s likeshe’s brilliantshe’s like The universe has not abandoned you. The universe still holds you. And she was right, it had nothing to do with Kenn. It was that I felt like the universe had let me drop through the cracks…

To come through that and still have openness and trust and be able to surrender, has made me a very different person. What I said is In order to hold life and death at the same time has made me a bigger and more solid, substantial person.


Patricia Sheerin is a shiatsu practitioner and healer in Cincinnati, Ohio.  By her side in the world of healing is her husband, Kenn Day, who is a Shaman.  I am not even sure how I met Patricia and Kenn, but they pointed the way to my own healing and gave me hope when I had no hope.   

Patricia is a beautiful and spiritually evolved soul…and when I saw her and Kenn it gave me hope that one day I could be in a healthy, spiritual, and evolving relationship too, a hope that came true with my wife Heidi. I most admire how Patricia puts herself out into the world, exposes her own dark side and confusions in order to further other people’s healing.  Inevitably, the healing process with Patricia always ends with a smile, a deep knowing and appreciation for all of life.  

In her interview, Patricia shares a very difficult time in her life when she had a miscarriage and, for a short while, she was carrying both life and death.  She felt as if the universe had let her “slip through the cracks.”  Patricia’s experience reminds me that most often my greatest fears come from within me, and that the Divine Spirit, the Ancestors, and all of life are holding me and all of us.