SATURDAY FEBUARY THE 11TH, 2023 ON THE MENTORS RADIO SHOW: The Unhappiness That Comes From Never Having Enough.

“Portraits in Faith” author and top behavioral marketer, Daniel Epstein, joins me to discuss his personal journey of being known as a man who was not happy about much to a life of understanding, gratitude, and service. Epstein was drowning in a world characterized as a zero-sum game and driven by the fear of never having enough. Today, he is thriving as a human-bridge-builder and as a top marketing consultant to the FORTUNE 50.

KTRB- Award-winning, Elite Proctor & Gamble Marketer Daniel Epstein Radically Transforms from Unhappy, Driven by Fear to Happy, Grateful, Serving Others: FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED! Read the full article here.

In this episode, The Mentors Radio Host Tom Loarie talks with Daniel K. Epstein, author of the inspiring book and project Portraits in Faith and a world-renown behavioral marketing expert. Epstein was among the elite at Proctor & Gamble where he served as a distinguished Harley Proctor Marketer, an honor awarded to very few. On the outside and to his colleagues and friends, Epstein seemed to have the world at his feet, but inside he was unhappy. Very unhappy. For him, life had become a zero sum game in which he was constantly driven by a fear of not having enough. Ever the ultimate practical professional, he spent much of his life trying “fit into a mold” made by others. If he was told “No, you can’t,” he made it his mission to prove “Yes, I can,” and he would succeed. Then, Daniel Epstein hit a turning point—a radical turning point. 

Actually, the SHTF. Pretty badly.

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