A photo of Polly Nelms Hickman

Polly Nelms Hickman

Atlanta, Georgia, USA


When the baby that I was hoping for came too early, I could just feel the sense of so much loss. And I could feel God right there with me, telling me, ‘I have your dear one with me.’ I remember being rushed into the hospital but all I could think about was that I was having this conversation with God. I said, ‘God, why this? Why now?’

And He said to me, ‘I have her.’

Nobody could have healed that hole in my heart the way God did right then. I know in the Psalms it says, ‘They will praise you aloud on their beds.’ I remember it was probably the hardest time for me to praise God. But He came in the room in such a way that when other people came in, they could feel Him. They expected me to be inconsolable. And I was praising Him just like I’m doing now, with tears, crying. And he was just talking to me and saying he had me.

Daniel’s Reflection

Polly Nelms Hickman is a beautiful presence and faithful servant of God. She lives on a street that is mainly populated by the other members of her immediate family, and historically they would gather every night for dinner at their father’s house! There is rootedness to her faith in this land itself. Her great-grandfather settled there over 150 years ago during Reconstruction after the Civil War.

Polly’s calling is to serve God through music and by showing His love to others (when you hear her sing you will see these are one and the same). Polly is a childhood friend of my sister, Abby, and I was in high school with her brother. It has been a great blessing to re-meet Polly now that I am an adult and to experience her unconditional love. Polly Nelms Hickman has taught me, yet again, that there is no viable alternative to loving one another fully.

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