“When I am thinking about God, I (have) more questions than answers.”

Rabbi Riccardo Di Segni is the Chief Rabbi of Rome, Italy…and he is a radiologist. He spends his mornings at the public hospital and his afternoons engaged as the leader of his congregation. This is a model that he asserts was the traditional model for generations until the modern day rabbi also became a managerial role. Rabbi Di Segni and I had a very brief but intense conversation. Why don’t we Jews speak about God more often and more overtly? (Because that is the practice of other religions, not ours. Ours is rooted in the day to day practices). What is your concept of God? (I have more questions than answers). Where do you find yourself most spiritually connected? (when I am teaching). I loved going back to this video and experiencing this encounter again. My favorite question—what else would you like people to know about you when they see your portrait? (I didn’t tell you enough?)