“I had to deconstruct my whole notion of God.”

“I had to deconstruct my whole notion of God in a less fear-based or compliance-based notion into a partner-based belief…God is in partnership with me, I am in partnership with God. There are the things that I have to do and then there is the part that God does…Every good thing that happens to me, I give God credit for. And when bad things happen to me, I say ‘random bad things happen.’ I’ve never had the experience of blaming God for the bad things that happen to me. I say ‘sometimes this happens.’ To me it was really awful that my father died so young. But I don’t blame God for that. I say ‘I hope medicine gets better and that nobody who’s fifty would go through that again. I don’t feel picked out or picked on. And I consider that really a blessing. To me, either the cup is half-full or the cup is overflowing. If it’s a half-way good day, my cup is overflowing. And if it’s a bad day, my cup is half-full.”

Susan Smyth is one of my dearest friends and I’ve said that none of my friends have been left untouched by Portraits In Faith! While maybe it is less exotic to interview people in my own backyard vs. distant continents, these are the friends who loved me into a new existence, into a new Daniel. Susan spent her career as an organizational development consultant and coach. Her wisdom has helped countless individuals and organizations heal and become more successful. And, yet, sometimes we are the doctor’s toughest patient when it comes to healing ourselves. I learned much from Susan about how to become a positive person, how to be grateful, and how to turn things over to the God of our understanding. I hope you enjoy the wisdom of my dear friend Susan.