Portraits in Faith

Miribai Starr

Mirabai Starr

Taos, NM, USA
"The Wild Mercy of Mirabai Starr “All my teac..."
Richard Rohr

Richard Rohr

Albuquerque, NM, USA
"A Blessed Encounter With Richard Rohr “To throw ..."

Rebyl Pinto

Muscat, Oman
"“It’s difficult to change your faith.” &..."

Vanessa Calviño

Panama City, Panama
"We Are All God’s Favorite Child I remember a..."

Jun Il Gu

Seoul, South Korea
"“You Will Find God” “We have this un..."

Edwin Isabare

Embera Puru, Panama
"“I had a choice of two paths…” &..."

Tajči Cameron

Cincinnati, OH, USA
"“Just because I win (representing Yugoslavia in ..."

Kang Yongkoo

Seoul, South Korea
"“My arrogance and vigorous mind were so seve..."

Tim Costello

Melbourne, Australia
"“You stood up for sex workers, the Church ga..."

Parker Palmer

Madison, Wisconsin, USA
"“When you are lost in the dark you still hav..."

Lene Andersen

Copenhagen, Denmark
"“Intellectually I am an atheist, Emotionally..."

Polly Nelms

Atlanta, Georgia, USA
"“I could feel (God) right there with me, tel..."

Susan Smyth

Cincinnati, OH, USA
"“I had to deconstruct my whole notion of God.”..."