Portraits in Faith

Richard Rohr

Richard Rohr

Albuquerque, NM, USA
"A Blessed Encounter With Richard Rohr “To throw ..."

Israel Horovitz

Bat Ayin, Gush Etzion , Israel
"“What Does A Jew Need?” “I waited until ever..."

Karen Green

Muscat, Oman
"Letting Go of Control “I was struggling with..."

Erin McCaw

Ottawa, ON, Canada
""I was shown that I would survive, and that death ..."

Aminah Tonnsen

Copenhagen, Denmark
"I felt touched and I felt I was angry, and not bec..."

Laila Masri

Dubai, UAE
"Helping Muslims Understanding Islam “I identify ..."

Yael Ruvel

Zefat, Israel
"“Without faith, we have nothing” “Fa..."

Joy Bimal Roy

Mumbai, India
"“I believe it’s because I’ve cho..."

Danny Tourjeman

Jerusalem, Israel
"“By respecting the one who is different, we ..."

Rebyl Pinto

Muscat, Oman
"“It’s difficult to change your faith.” &..."

Tulia Zevi

Rome, Italy
"“I went to Germany for the Nuremberg Trials.R..."

Tom Boechat

Vitória, Brazil
"“Instead of God creating us, I think we crea..."

Ghada Ezzeldin

Cairo, Egypt
"“If I don’t give my will to God’s will, ..."

Maha Khawaja

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
"“When we moved to Dubai (from Saudi Arabia) ..."

Andrew Hutchison

Vancouver Island, Canada
"“It’s a terrible feeling to have your ..."