Portraits in Faith

Wael Jabi

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
"Choosing a Faith for Ourselves “My earliest memo..."

Edwin Isabare

Embera Puru, Panama
"“I had a choice of two paths…” &..."

Joy Wandin Murphy

Healesville, Australia
"“My grandmother had her son taken away from her...."

David Charpentier

Deerfield, Ohio, USA
""The freedom that I experience spiritually is not ..."

Neshama Carlebach

New York, NY, USA
"It’s like you can’t have one without the other..."

Tim Costello

Melbourne, Australia
"“You stood up for sex workers, the Church ga..."

Polly Nelms

Atlanta, Georgia, USA
"“I could feel (God) right there with me, tel..."

Pesach Schindler

Jerusalem, Israel
"“How could she leave two children, what was ..."

Armando Balseca

Mexico City, Mexico
"“I was travelling to Brazil and I was realizing ..."

Andrew Hutchison

Vancouver Island, Canada
"“It’s a terrible feeling to have your ..."