Portraits in Faith

Israel Horovitz

Bat Ayin, Gush Etzion , Israel
"“What Does A Jew Need?” “I waited until ever..."

Soo Ah Gok

Singapore, Singapore
"The Four Stages of Life “It began when I was..."

Karen Green

Muscat, Oman
"Letting Go of Control “I was struggling with..."

Yael Ruvel

Zefat, Israel
"“Without faith, we have nothing” “Fa..."

Rebyl Pinto

Muscat, Oman
"“It’s difficult to change your faith.” &..."

Polly Nelms

Atlanta, Georgia, USA
"“I could feel (God) right there with me, tel..."

Pesach Schindler

Jerusalem, Israel
"“How could she leave two children, what was ..."

Susan Smyth

Cincinnati, OH, USA
"“I had to deconstruct my whole notion of God.”..."

Fang Min

Guangzhou, China
"“How you treat people is how they are going to t..."

Dan Lim

Singapore, Singapore
"“God, I make a deal with you.” “Ok G..."

Boyong Mesina

Muscat, Oman
"Born Again In Saudi Arabia “I left the Philippin..."