Portraits in Faith

Eva S Reyna

Albuquerque, NM, USA
"Homeless But Grateful  What’s your earliest mem..."

Rebecca Lillian

Malmö, Skåne County, Sweden
"What are we doing wrong with faith? “I don&#..."

Erin McCaw

Ottawa, ON, Canada
""I was shown that I would survive, and that death ..."

Patricia Sheerin

Cincinnati, Ohio , United States
"“In April of 2008, I had a miscarriage.” &..."

Samson Korlekar

Mumbai, India
"“I lost my eyesight due to retinal detachmen..."

Nanã de Yemanjá

São Paulo, Brazil
"“I lost my daughter. She was 2 months old… To ..."

Joy Wandin Murphy

Healesville, Australia
"“My grandmother had her son taken away from her...."

Yoon Yong Sang

Seoul, Korea
" “There is no sign of illness where there had be..."

Polly Nelms

Atlanta, Georgia, USA
"“I could feel (God) right there with me, tel..."

Pesach Schindler

Jerusalem, Israel
"“How could she leave two children, what was ..."

Nora Nasra

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
"“We lost Nada. At first, when we lost her, every..."