Portraits in Faith

Wael Jabi

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
"Choosing a Faith for Ourselves “My earliest memo..."

Soo Ah Gok

Singapore, Singapore
"The Four Stages of Life “It began when I was..."

Karen Green

Muscat, Oman
"Letting Go of Control “I was struggling with..."

Sana Turk

Rihaniya, Israel
"So it was from that experience of science that I w..."

Aminah Tonnsen

Copenhagen, Denmark
"I felt touched and I felt I was angry, and not bec..."

Monaesha Pinto

Mumbai, India
"I used to every night be able to sleep in two minu..."

Dan Lim

Singapore, Singapore
"“God, I make a deal with you.” “Ok G..."

Boyong Mesina

Muscat, Oman
"Born Again In Saudi Arabia “I left the Philippin..."

Tom Boechat

Vitória, Brazil
"“Instead of God creating us, I think we crea..."

Israel Cedeño

Panama City, Panama
"A man of science who believes in God “I started ..."