“Just because I win (representing Yugoslavia in Eurovision) my worth is bigger?”

“My heart was bursting from happiness and at the same time I couldn’t believe the change in people. Just because I win (representing Yugoslavia in Eurovision), my worth, my self worth is all of the sudden bigger? My value as a person? That really really messed me up. It was not right. I mean I understood something happened and it was great but in the back of my mind… I didn’t have a real awareness of who I was as a person.”


Tajči is a former rock star, no kidding. She filled stadiums for her concerts in her native Croatia, represented her country in Eurovision, and even had a Tajči doll made after her likeness. But as Tajči grew more and more popular, she knew something wasn’t right with her and her world. At the height of her popularity, Tajči left it all behind to move to New York to study acting and then to Los Angeles to follow what she called “a bad choice in her relationships.” But, spiritually, as she kept sinking further and further into a dark place, she grew closer and closer to her destined path.

Today, Tajči is happily married to Matthew and a very happy mother of three sons. Together as a family, they just completed a tour of 1000 free concerts sharing their amazing musical talents and a message of our common humanity. I am inspired by Tajči and her deep knowing that her rightful path was out there.