Watch the PIF Virtual Concert Series

Now more than ever, we at Portraits in Faith recognize the need for comfort, healing, and reflection. That is why we sponsored a 16-part virtual concert series that stretched from March to July. We heard from Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Baha’i, indigenous performers, and many more of various traditions. The performances included singing, spoken word, poetry, and instrumentation. From Nashville to Mumbai, this was truly a global effort. Throughout this 16-part series, we’ve reached 105,000 people with 70,000 views, who watched a combined 81 days worth of our virtual concerts.

While the series may be done, you can still enjoy the performances online by linking the links below. Please enjoy these offerings for comfort, and if you find it healing, please don’t hesitate to share them with someone who needs to hear them.

Click on the image of the concert poster below to go watch any of the concerts right now.