“Without faith, we have nothing”

“Faith is everything, faith is life, faith is what there is. I believe that without faith we have nothing, there is no life. For me, in my personal experience, God is like a father. A father who worries about you, takes care of you, makes sure that things happen. Even if we don’t hear from him or speak to him every day, God is still there inside of me.”


Yael Ruvel was born in Ethiopia and immigrated with her family to Israel when she was a young child.  Yael and her family are Orthodox, observant Jews, and even as a young woman in her second year of college level classes, Yael’s faith is deep. She believes that “without faith, we have nothing.”

I was deeply moved by Yael and her faith and optimism, her gratitude for all of life. In fact, Yael’s gratitude reminded me of my own profound lack of gratitude for so many years as a teenager and young adult. A therapist once described me as “a young man who wasn’t happy about much!” Portraits In Faith taught me that gratitude must be the center of faith and that only a life of being grateful was worth living. Thank you to Yael Ruvel for reminding me of this lesson.