A photo of Yoon Yong Sang

Yoon Yong Sang

Seoul, South Korea


I went to the hospital and they said it was amazing: ‘There is no sign of illness where there had been a severe colorectal cancer.’ They asked me what happened and what kind of treatment I received.

I said, ‘I never received any treatment and there was no medicine in prison.’

They said it was so strange and could not be scientifically proven.

I thought, ‘Ah, if my mind reached the extreme end, when there was absolutely nothing that I wanted, when there was no greed, when I cleared everything, when I let everything go, I could produce such physical energy that no one could even think of.’

Daniel’s Reflection

I met Yoon Yong Sang in Seoul, South Korea where he lives and practices as a Buddhist priest. I knew this would be a special interview when he started in by being excited to show me a video clip of himself on Korean TV, knocking people over with just his chi [energy]. I was happy that he said he liked me and said I had the face of a teacher!

Yoon Yong Sang’s journey included a very difficult phase where he was wrongly accused and convicted of embezzlement based on the actions of an associate who fled the country. While in prison, Yoon Yong Sang challenged himself to train in his Buddhist and martial arts practice despite the difficulty of doing so in such a confined environment.

While still in prison, he was diagnosed with stage III colorectal cancer. About 60 days later, the pain in his gut went away. There was no explanation. At his next medical checkup there was no cancer.

I will always remember Yoon Yong Sang—his obvious strength and presence, and his softness, his enthusiasm for life, and how he faced what life handed to him.    

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