A photo of Armando Balseca

Armando Balseca

Mexico City, Mexico


I was traveling to Brazil and I was realizing that maybe my personal life and home were not going in the same sense as my professional career. I was losing interest in my family because it was so delicious to be going up in the organization, to be receiving international trainings. When I returned from Brazil at 4 or 5 in the morning, my son Jesus was on the stairs. He hit me with karate.

At first I thought he was teasing me but no, he was hitting me. He said, ‘I hate you, I hate you.’

Why? Why?’ I was in shock.

‘Because my mom is so sad. And you never are here.’

Then Jesus became sick. We were in six or seven hospitals. One place then another place.... And then I said, ‘Lord, my life needs to change. I don’t know the balance. I don’t know the real sense of my life.’

Daniel’s Reflection

Armando Balseca was the father of my friend and colleague, Jesus Balseca (I’ve always said it’s great to have Jesus on speed-dial!). When Jesus recommended that his sister could help produce and translate for Portraits in Faith in Mexico City, I did not realize that a loving connection with his family would ensue. Armando’s interview deeply touched my soul because he struggled with the things I struggle with: The ‘deliciousness’ of feeling important; the seduction of prioritizing work over family. Anyone who struggles with these same things will find Armando Balseca’s interview quite meaningful. He quit his job as an executive with Nestlé and moved his family to live among the poor and do service work with the Church for three years. It was among the best times of his life, Armando says. And it taught him that the message of Jesus is real.

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