Baha'i Blog Celebrates Portraits in Faith

15 June 2015

Last week, Daniel was featured in a post by Baha'i Blog, which curates weekly content for all things Baha'i. In an interview with the editor, Daniel shares the story of how he first started his journey with Portraits in Faith and the life of its own that the project has taken.

In the interview, Daniel describes what began as an attempt to rediscover his hope in faith through personal connections with others' experiences with God, and has grown into a medium for people to connect through "humanity's greater, common spiritual journey... which we undoubtedly share no matter how much we try to make each other out as different." Check out an excerpt of the interview below:

Baha'i Blog: What do you hope people walk away with after watching your videos? Daniel: I would love people to walk away with the feeling "that is me, the details may differ, but I am that person and they are me."

Baha'i Blog: How has this project affected you personally? Daniel: I like the words to the song by Brandon Heath, “I’m not who I was.” I feel that ‘Portraits in Faith’ changed me over time. In my desperation to be anyone other than who I was, I began to understand and love who I was. And, as that happened, I changed and became more whole. I came to understand the feeling of wholeness that comes from a relationship with the Divine, however you understand the Divine to exist.

Some of the most inspiring interviews in the project are with atheists so I am really not talking about formal, dogmatic understandings of God. I gave myself permission to understand God in a thousand different ways as I needed in each moment. As I like to say, “God is good, no matter what you call her!”

Many thanks to Baha'i Blog for sharing our story! Peruse their website here, and their Facebook here.