Portraits in Faith on "Waking Up In America"

1 September 2015

The wonderful Tajči Cameron, whose moving portrait is the most recent Portrait of the Week, spoke with Daniel on her show "Waking Up In America" about his journey of creating Portraits in Faith, and how the project has taken on greater purpose since its inception. Tajči says of PIF: "I went and watched the videos, these beautiful stories, and I spent several hours... crying. [I was] in tears, realizing just how beautiful it is what you've done... collecting these stories of faith that prove to us and show to us how connected we all are." We are so grateful for Tajči's kind words, for her interest in our project, and for her beautiful message! You can learn more about Tajci and watch past episodes of her show on her website, check out her HuffingtonPost article on her experience with Portraits in Faith, and watch her interview with Daniel below!