California State University Fullerton Sociology of Religion Class

9 January 2024

Portraits in Faith was invited to present to the Sociology of Religions class at California State University Fullerton on September 28, 2023. Jessica Spence Moss is the Lecturer who met Daniel Epstein at the Parliament of the World Religions in Chicago and was excited to share our content as part of her curriculum. Daniel shared the photographic meditation and how various people around the world have responded to our 8 questions about spiritual experience. Dr. Spence Moss provided this feedback after the workshop: Thank you, Daniel! This was amazing! As I strive to provide students with a nuanced and compassionate understanding of the many ways in which religion and spirituality manifests itself in this world, the Portraits in Faith project is not only a beautiful example, but a powerful opportunity for students to listen to the other, to connect with the other, and to connect with themselves. Utilizing this work and having Daniel speak to my class about his method, experiences, and insights brings the concept of lived religion to life. I am excited to talk about future opportunities to work with you here at CSUF and possibly USC (I am now the Interfaith Director there). Thank you again Dr. Spence Moss for jumping on this opportunity so quickly after the Parliament and helping us continue to experiment with how the PIF content can be meaningful in the classroom.