Portraits in Faith at The 2018 Parliament of World's Religions

21 May 2018

Portraits in Faith is proud to announce that we will be presented at the Parliament of World's Religions this Fall in Toronto.  The Parliament of World's Religion is a global event in which faith and belief leaders convene to promote understanding, peace, and collaboration.  Portraits in Faith, represented by founder Daniel Epstein and producer/editor Laura Friedman, will host a workshop, as a "photographic meditation".  Through the images and stories, they will demonstrate how faith is a powerful healer, transformer, and changer of lives. The overriding message is that however one calls God (Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Higher Power, The Divine, Creative Intelligence…) there is a greater force that connects us all and it is good for each person to find a path that leads to a faith that works for them. The Parliament of World Religions has played a prominent role in Portraits in Faith since Daniel attended the previous Parliament in Melbourne, Australia nine years ago, where he also presented the project as a documentary in progress and deepened his knowledge, including interviews with Aboriginal elders. Please look out for us if you will be attending the Parliament this year, and we'll be sure to report back to you after the workshop.