Visiting the Daughters of St. Paul

15 February 2024

Daniel was able to visit the Daughters of St. Paul who are long time friends of Portraits in Faith.  Twenty years ago Daniel made portraits and interviewed three of the sisters in the Rome motherhouse: Sister M. Letizia Panzetti, Sister Bernadette Reis, and Sister Natalia Maccari.

The association with the Daughters of St. Paul started 30 years ago at the Gonzaga Jesuit Retreat Center in Gloucester, Mass.  The sisters attending excitedly said “we hear you work for Procter & Gamble.  Would you help us with our business review?” They explained to me that their charism is “to spread the word of God through all media available” and hence they are known as “the media nuns.”

This week Daniel was able to update the sisters on the progress of Portraits in Faith to a website, a YouTube channel with 550,000 views, 4000 subscribers, a coffee table book, a museum exhibition entitled “Seeing The Other,” and “Sacred Listening workshops.  We talked about the new strategies unfolding at the Daughters of St. Paul regarding new media, media safety literacy for kids & teens, and their ongoing evangelism.

It was a great blessing to be together.