A photo of Nora Nasra

Nora Nasra

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


We lost Nada. At first, when we lost her, every one of us had an experience with Nada. Maha started to take some writings from what Nada said. She said, ‘am God, I am....’ She explained to us how it was. She said it took her 38 days before she found her resting place. And then she said, ‘Now I have found my resting place.’ So if we would not have had God’s help, none of us could have survived this.

Daniel’s Reflection

In Dubai, I met Nora Nasra, the mother of my producer for Portraits in Faith, Maha Nasra Edde. Maha was a wonderful producer. She introduced me to her family and the experiences of faith that surrounded the tragic death of her sister (Nora’s daughter), Nada. Nada was delivering her child during a nurses’ strike and negligence led to a preventable death. The family’s faith was actually strengthened by this experience as each family member, including Nora, had an experience communicating with Nada’s spirit after she died. I was deeply moved by Nora and Maha’s experiences of faith. As Nora said, “I believe God is present in me, that we are part of God. We came from God and finally we return to God.”

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