“I said, ‘surrender yourself to his will’ because I was really struggling.”

“I wrote a song called ‘Oh Nightingale’ and it’s on the album. In it I said, ‘surrender yourself to his will’ because I was really struggling. As a Baha’i, I just had this amazing experience but what did that mean to the world? How was I supposed to apply it into my daily existence and how could I influence other people to become better people? And so when I came back was definitely the hardest time of my life and the time I really depended on God to give me strength.”

I met Shadi Toloui-Wallace at the Parliament of World Religions in Melbourne, Australia in 2009. She was performing for the 6000 delegates at the opening night ceremony and the words of her Baha’i prayer immediately spoke to me: “Oh God, my God, Unite the hearts of thy servants, and reveal to them thy great purpose!” Shadi is a Baha’i singer & songwriter who puts Baha’i prayers to her own musical compositions and has now recorded two albums. More than that, Shadi is a beautiful soul who, already at age 20 when we recorded this interview, has a sense of the world we live in and the world it could be. I am so grateful that Shadi was able to perform at the launch of Portraits in Faith in May, 2013.