The Interfaith Observer Features Portraits in Faith

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The March 2015 issue of The Interfaith Observer, “Interfaith and the Arts,” features a piece written by Daniel about Portraits in Faith. It describes his journey of faith (still in progress!), and the profound impact that the people he has interviewed as part of this project have had on his wellbeing and his spirituality. In the piece he writes:

What started as a path to my own healing and a way to occupy time in an otherwise depressed state, became a journey of my own transformation. Growing up Jewish in Atlanta, Georgia, I was deeply immersed from childhood in honoring religious and spiritual journeys from all walks of life. So this would be a project that embraced anyone and everyone who felt moved by their understanding of God and faith…

Portraits In Faith continues to gather thousands of people around the world who are finding healing in the videotaped interviews and portraits that have healed me.

We are so grateful to The Interfaith Observer for sharing Daniel’s story and the story of this project, and we are grateful to you, the Portraits in Faith community, for continuing to journey with us. Thank you!