A photo of Starlet Yamilet Wiltshire Gordon

Starlet Yamilet Wiltshire Gordon

Managua, Nicaragua


When I was at home, I was always praying. I asked God to help me: ‘Please move me from here. I don’t want to become like all the rest in Bluefields; I don’t want to get pregnant at 13 years old.’ I asked Him to help me to become a good person, and not abandon me; to give me education, give me opportunities.

Daniel’s Reflection

I met Starlet while on vacation in Nicaragua. She was eager to take me to the orphanage where she grew up and to show me the place for which she had so much gratitude. There, I was able to interview and make portraits of three residents of the school and Starlet herself. She overcame poverty and violence with faith. Starlet was able to get out of the poverty-stricken area of her youth when she witnessed a murder and had to testify against the killer. She was sent away to the orphanage after testifying.

Meeting Starlet was a highlight of the trip to Nicauragua. Getting to know and interviewing Starlet taught me that every soul is a special soul and is fighting a battle I know nothing about.

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